Join us outdoors on Sunday evenings at 5:30pm for a simple service of song, prayer and communion. The service will be followed by an informal time of socially distanced fellowship and youth group at 6:00pm. 

The service will be led from the entrance to the barn, and space for seating will be available in the parking lot right in front of the barn, as well as in the grassy lawn in and around the fire pit. You will need to bring your own chairs, will be asked to space yourselves at a distance of 6 feet from other family groups*, and to wear a mask, to ensure we are protecting everyone as we gather. The north (155th street) entrance to the parking lot will be blocked off to allow for seating, so plan to use the Blackbob entrance. People can also choose to sit in their cars in parking spaces near our gathering area - we just ask that cars are shut off, both to eliminate the extra noise and the exhaust fumes.  

*For our purposes, family groups include - family members, those living in the same household, or those who have chosen to regularly see each other/interact outside of our community (ex. for car pool or child care purposes).

Click here to connect to the worship info page for the evening's order of worship.