We are so excited about the renovation of our narthex (gathering space), kitchen and the addition of the coffee bar to that area. The construction is nearly complete, and now we are getting ready to fill the space with the furnishings and equipment that will make it feel like home and a welcome and inviting gathering space for our church and the community.  

Below is our wish list — if you are interested in donating something to help us complete the space, you can look below to see what is available to donate.  Monetary donations can be made to the church and then we will handle the purchasing to keep it simple for everyone!  Information on how to donate is at the bottom of the page.

*Be sure to click on the pictures provided to see the listed items in full view. 

  • 3 Bar Top Tables

    $212.98 each

    The three bar top tables will provide an area for a quick, standing, catch up with your dear friends and family while you grab a refreshment before or after worship. 

  • 3 Regular Tables


    $212.98 Each

    The dining height tables will also provide a place to sit while you enjoy your refreshments and conversation in the Narthex.

  • black Chairs (12 needed)

    10 left available to donate

    $37.99 EACH

    The twelve chairs will pair with the dining height tables, providing a comfortable space to rest and enjoy good food and time with friends before or after worship.

  • leather couch



    The leather couch will provide a large amount of comfortable seating in the Narthex. Whether you have a refreshment or not, this will be an area to sit and relax and enjoy the company around you. 

  • Narthex table



    The Narthex table will be a custom, all natural wood, console table that will be placed in the window in front of the sanctuary. This will be the perfect spot to place announcements, updates, photos, flyers or any other important feature for the upcoming weeks. 

  • sofa table



    The sofa table will be placed in the seating area of the Narthex. It will provide a place to set drinks for some of our seating, and a place for welcoming decor, in hopes of making the area feel a little more like home as we all come together.

  • 2 End Tables


    $126.65 EACH

    The two end tables will go next to the couch and arm chairs, providing a place to set your drinks down while visiting with one another. The end tables will also be custom built to have the black matching accents like the rest of the furniture.

  • Custom-Built coffee cart

    AVAilable TO DONATE


    This custom-built coffee cart will be a great addition to our new coffee bar. It will hold all of the essentials to make the perfect cup of coffee to sip on and enjoy while spending time with one another.  The piece is being custom-made to match the sofa table above. It will be wider than what is pictured here, and have a small lip around each shelf to it a functional cart.

  • Set of Two Lamps



    The two lamps will also be placed on the end tables. The lamps will provide extra light in times of need, whether it be when we're gathering on a rainy day or after Harvest Table.

  • 10 wall decoration pieces

    available to donate

    $30.00 a piece

    To wrap up our newly renovated space, the wall decorations would be the final touch. These pieces would be enjoyable for everyone to look at whether they're walking through the space, sitting and conversing, or sipping on their coffee preparing for worship.

  • Dishwasher



    The dishwasher has already been placed in the kitchen, and is helping to its full extent. With all of the gatherings that will happen in our space, there will be quite a few dishes, and the dishwasher helps decrease clean up time, increasing our time to fully spend with one another.

  • Commercial Keurig



    The Keurig will be available to make decaf coffee and hot water for tea on Sunday mornings, and also available to make coffee when just a couple of people are gathering during the week. 

  • Coffee Brewer



    The large coffee brewer will encourage our larger groups to be able to gather and indulge in a freshly brewed pot of coffee. The coffee brewer will be put to major use on our Sundays spent together. 

  • Coffee Pot (2 needed)

    One Donated!



    The two coffee pots will aid in keeping the brewed coffee nice and hot for everyone to enjoy. Having a pot of warm coffee on hand is something to be thankful for and just helps people feel welcome and at home!

  • Cream & Sugar Holders



    The cream and sugar holders are a benefit when it comes to making our coffee just how we like it. Whether it's a little or a lot, most of us enjoy a little something extra in our cup of coffee. 

  • K-Cup holder



    The K-Cup holder will allow a nicely organized look to the coffee bar, while holding all of our k-cups underneath the Keurig. It will also provide some extra space to be had for other essential items.

  • Tea bag holder



    The tea bag holder, just like the k-cup holder, will encourage a tidier space within the coffee bar and kitchen. It will also make it a little easier for one to quickly pick out their tea so they can enjoy their time with one another! 

  • mini trash can

    available to donate


    The mini trash can will be placed on the coffee cart. This will be a suitable spot to throw away cream or sugar packets and utensils used to help make coffee. 

How to Donate?

To donate one of the above items, simply make a donation to the church in that amount, either by giving online and selecting the "Narthex Renovation" fund or by getting a check to the church with "Narthex" written in the memo (in worship or via the mail).  Then email Chelsie in the church office, to let her know which item you are donating, and she will update our website accordingly. We will arrange for purchase and delivery! You are also welcome to make a general donation to the project in an amount of your choice for us to use however is needed.