So, yes, we are a church. 

We are that church located at the entrance to your neighborhood that you drive by all the time.

We have that hay barn, those two silos and eight acres of wide open space nestled in the middle of your typical American suburb.

We've been dreaming for a while now, about this land we have been given becoming something more than just the church in your neighborhood you pass by as you make your way to and from home.  

We've been dreaming of it becoming a community gathering space, where neighbors from all different backgrounds, walks of life, and faith traditions or philosophies, can come together to grow something good in the world.

We believe that the world is just better when people have the chance to know one another up close, to build relationships they can count on, and work together to care for the earth and the people who fill it.

We've been dreaming about Farmstead Eight — a place where kids can play, youth can hang out, and neighbors can connect — a place where a community can come together to grow some real food to feed people. 

Yes, we are talking about the orchard and garden variety of food, but another kind too. 

We believe we are fed when we are seen and known and cared for by others and have the chance to return that love and care as well.

So, to be real clear, this isn't about us trying to get you to join our church.*

It's about community and growing something good together.

So let's be neighbors and see what we can grow together.

*So, we really mean what we say here - the purpose of Farmstead Eight is not about growing our church, it's about growing good in our neighborhood.  

If you are looking for a faith community, don't get us a wrong, we would love to have you. You can explore what life together looks like here and learn more about our worshipping communities, Heritage Church and Harvest Table, on our website. You are welcome to come check either out anytime — we just promise to never push that in any way as you engage in Farmstead Eight. 

At our church camp's high ropes course we always tell the kids, "your challenge, your choice," as they decide how they want to engage the course that day — same rule applies here.


Join us for this fun and meaningful community Christmas event, co-hosted by the Farmstead and its worshipping communities. We will have Christmas music, live Nativity Characters, and many animals you can interact with and enjoy. There will be hot cocoa and Christmas cookies as well - all outside in our Farmstead barn! 

interested in learning more?

We'd love to sit down and share with you the vision for Farmstead Eight and how we hope to create a space for all to gather and connect with one another. We would also love to hear the needs you see in the community and your ideas about what the Farmstead could be. If you are interested in scheduling a time to meet one-on-one, email us at and we will be in touch to set something up!