In the Psalms, you can often find a notation in italics interspersed between the stanzas — Selah. The Psalms were the original hymnbook of the Israelites and Selah was a notation that told the worshippers it was time to breathe. We are excited that the Selah Spiritual Life Center will do that same thing for people in our community, reminding them to take a breath in the midst of this life, to connect more deeply with themselves and their God. 

Selah Spiritual Life Center is committed to being a place of inclusive welcome, drawing the lost, the wounded, the curious and the hungry to Christ through worship, faith formation and community in ways that speak to individuality and creativity. 

SSLC provides new and diverse experiences to deepen spiritual lives.


Experiences offered:

  • Workshops of different topics and spiritual disciplines
  • Retreat Experiences – both SSLC-sponsored retreats and those customized for your own context
  • Classes
  • Support Groups
  • Spiritual Direction – both individual and group, led by a certified Spiritual Director
  • Creative and Meaningful Worship

selah spiritual life center leadership

  • ronda welander


    A former K-12 music educator, Ronda received a BA in Music from Illinois College in 1989. In 2021 she completed the course work and received the Church Leadership Certificate from Dubuque Theological Seminary. Ronda has served as a Commissioned Pastor at Heritage Presbyterian since January of 2023.

    As the Director of SSLC, Ronda is excited to offer her leadership in ways that will provide varied and out of the box alternatives to discipling and meeting the need of community in a fast paced and ever-changing culture.

    Ronda, and her husband Rob, reside in Olathe and are blessed to have their son Jacob, and his wife Larissa, and daughter Ellen, living nearby.

  • diana mitchell

    spiritual DIRECTOR

    Diana has a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Development from The Ohio State University. Her degree served her well during ownership of two businesses with her late husband, Tom.

    While a member of Firelands Presbyterian Church, Port Clinton, Ohio, she became a Stephen Minister after completing the required 50 hour course. Following that, she completed training to become a Stephen Leader, qualifying her to teach the course.

    When Firelands Church expanded their diaconate to include pastoral care, Diana facilitated Pastoral Deacons for many years using the Stephen Ministry format.

    During the one-on-one nature of pastoral care, Diana felt a passion toward becoming a Spiritual Director which involved four years of in-person classes, reading and reflection papers. She became certified in 2006.

    While still living in Ohio Diana began leading spiritual retreats in Ohio, Arkansas and eventually in Kansas.

    Diana has two daughters, Julie and Jill, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. She lives in Lenexa with her late-in-life husband, Stu.