The Spirit has been moving powerfully here at Heritage, calling us to step faithfully into the next chapter of our church's life.  We believe that the only way we will be able to do that, is if we do it together.  Which is why, as we look toward the future, we are stepping into it naming that we live this "Life Together."


We belong to God and to one another.

Life Together means that we belong.  We belong to God and to one another.  We deeply believe that each and every person who is a part of our life here, is here on purpose.  If you are part of our community it is because you are meant to be.  If God is nudging you to check out our community, listen to that nudge.  There is probably a reason, both for you and for us, that God is leading you to explore life here.  Here at Heritage, we belong to each other - we all belong to our God, which in turn tells us that we all have a part to play in God's ministry here.


Trusting in God's provision and the Spirit's power we share of what we have and of who we are. 

We have learned that we don't need to have any fear about how we are going to do what God is calling us to do here, because we have seen God provide exactly what is needed time and time again.  We have seen the Spirit take our humble offerings and use them to create more than enough for us to answer God's call here.  We really do trust God's provision and the Spirit's power.  We are all in this together.  We each have an important part to play.  When we all share of what we have and of who we are as we live this life together - we share of our time, our expertise, our gifts, our selves, our resources - we will have more than enough to do what God asks of us here.


We grow in faith and in purpose, as together with God we grow the beloved community in this world.

When we belong and live like it, sharing of what we have, we will grow.  We will grow in faith and in purpose, individually and collectively.  We are already seeing that growth.  Already we are witnessing the ways the Spirit is moving, and our faith and sense of God's purpose is growing.  When we belong and share of what we have, we get to be part of the work of growing the beloved community in the world.

One way you can be a part of our Life Together, 

is sharing of your resources in support of our ministries.