safety guidelines for gatherings

Below you will find a set of recommendations from our COVID-19 Safety Taskforce, that allows both small and larger groups to gather on-site. These guidelines have been put in place for the health and safety of all who will gather. Group leaders and participants will decide whether or not to gather in-person. When gathering in person, accommodations will be made to ensure people can also attend virtually if needed (via FB Live or Zoom).  

COVID-19 guidelines for the health and safety of all who attend gatherings:

  • It is expected that everyone wear a mask when indoors on the church property, unless in a small group where all have been vaccinated. Worship/prayer leaders who need to be unmasked in order to lead, will maintain extra distance from other's gathered. When gathering outside, masks are optional, but are strongly encouraged for those who have not been vaccinated. 
  • A minimum of six feet of distancing is to be maintained at all times as much as possible when indoors. This requirement does not apply to family members, those living in the same household, or those who have chosen to regularly see each other/interact outside of our community (ex. for car pool or child care purposes). 
  • Physical contact is to be avoided with anyone not considered to be a family member. Physical contact includes, but is not limited to handshakes, frontal or side hugs, elbow touching, and high fives.

  • At outdoor gatherings we ask people to bring their own seating if at all possible. We will have some benches available for those who are unable to or forget. If you will participate from your vehicle, your vehicle must be turned off.
  • During outdoor gatherings, the building will be open for access to the restrooms. We ask that people maintain physical distancing as they move in and out of the building and its facilities. 

  • For everyone's safety, if you feel sick, think you might be sick, or aren’t sure if you are sick, you are asked to stay home.